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Video Call Therapy

Online therapy using video calling has been an established form of therapy for a number of years but has become more familiar to many since the Covid-19 pandemic. Video call sessions may also be described as 'distance therapy' or 'remote therapy' - although physically apart, video call sessions can feel much closer than this description suggests. They also tend to be quite a different experience to group social or work calls through this technology which have been tiring for many during the pandemic.


A benefit to this way of working is that sessions are accessible and in your space and very much 'face-to-face'. It's useful to give yourself some time before joining a session and afterwards, to create a zone for you.

I use the Zoom platform, with Zoom, you can also remove the 'self-view' which may have added to a self-consciousness and sense of detachment when meeting others online.


To meet by video call, you will need a private, quiet space, a firewall on your device and a good internet connection.

If you would like to arrange a session, I will give you more information ahead of our appointment.

Filament Bulb

Fees and What to Expect

When you get in touch, we will see if we can find a good time to meet and arrange an initial session to see if you feel comfortable talking openly with me, and whether my approach can be of benefit to you. If for any reason, another counselling/psychotherapy approach or person may be more suitable for you, I can provide some guidance for you on this.

If we do decide to continue together, we will discuss a pattern that works for your circumstances, usually this would be weekly but may be fortnightly, open-ended or for a fixed number of sessions.

All sessions, including the initial session are 50 minutes long and the fee is £65.00. 



8.30am - 6.30pm


8:30am - 6.30pm




9.00am - 5.00pm