The Practice Rooms

5 Broomfield Road


S10 2SE

Based 5 minutes from the city centre, The Practice Rooms are close to the Hallamshire and Children's Hospitals, University of Sheffield, and the Collegiate Campus of Sheffield Hallam University - as well as Sheffield’s beautiful Botanical Gardens and the centre of Broomhill.

There is a car park on site and The Practice Rooms are also easily 

reached by public transport.


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"A personal crisis situation arose which was really worrying me. Talking with Susan  helped me overcome my anxiety and feel valued. The sessions were very helpful in helping me to get my concerns in perspective and to find ways of moving forward within the situation."

"Susan has been really flexible in her approach and been very good at helping me to make links to areas in my life that I have been struggling with. I truly feel a stronger person because of our sessions."